What is your child
really up to?

Introducing DataPilot ChildSafe - Do you suspect your child is up to something they shouldn't be? Find out for sure. Datalink's advanced cell phone data extraction gives you the information you need - in seconds. So effective it's used by the FBI.. and brillantly simple to use!

How it works

ChildSafe gives you actionable data in minutes.
  • Attach a phone

    Simply install ChildSafe on your computer and connect your child's phone. The platform is compatible with over 4000 mobile devices!
  • Data is Extracted

    ChildSafe automatically extracts and processes all of the data on the mobile device - analyzing calls, texts, photos, web usage, GPS location and more.
  • View Reports

    Reports enable you to effortlessly re-live your child's actions. Search data, set filters, view prime contacts, timelines and more - with ease.

Confirm Your Suspicions, or Get Peace of Mind.

Trace Their Steps with Timeline

Input any date range and get a step-by-step timeline of your child's actions. Timeline gives you a unique perspective and will allow you to make discoveries you could not have made otherwise.

"I was worried about a certain 'bad influence' my son was hanging out with. He promised they were no longer in contact, but I thought otherwise. I searched his phone and found they hadn't talked in over 4 months. What was once straining our relationship, is no longer an issue.

- Linda M., Rockport RI

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