Is there something
you should know?

Introducing DataPilot Investig8- Do you suspect someone you care about is up to something? Find out for sure with Datalink's advanced cell phone data extraction, analysis, and reporting software.
So effective it's used by the FBI.. and brillantly simple to use!

How it works

A platform that's easy to use. Data that's easy to understand.
  • Attach a phone

    Simply install Investig8 on your computer and connect a mobile device.With data acquisition for over 4000 phones, compatibility is virtually guaranteed.
  • Data is Extracted

    Our software extracts all of the data on the phone in minutes. Calls, texts, photos, web usage, location data and more processed and analyzed.
  • View Reports

    Reports are automatically created to show you who your suspect is talking to, how often, timelines and much more. Search and set filters with ease.

Confirm Your Suspicions, or Get Peace of Mind.

Who is Taylor?

Instantly learn who your suspect is communicating with, how often and when. View phones numbers, identify patterns, filter data, and more. Get the evidence you need to act on - in minutes - from home.

"After suspecting my husband of cheating for about 2 years, I finally have the proof that I need. Calls, texts,'s all here. DataPilot has given me the ability to finally move on with my life."

- Jill B., San Diego, Ca

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