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Mac Software (DPM200-SW1-DW)

mac software

DataPilot Software for MAC (DPM200-SW1-DW)
Software Download only

Back up your cell phone contact information in case you lose, break, or damage your cell phone. Import your address book contacts into Datapilot. Add & edit your cell phone contact information from the convenience of your Mac.

Dial up to the Internet using your cell phone as a wireless modem to check email and surf the web on the go.

Transfer your ring tones from Mac to your cell phone FREE via data cables. MIDI and MP3 files .

Transfer wallpapers and pictures between your cell phone and Mac. E-mail pictures and movies transferred from your camera enabled phone to your Mac to your friends and family.

Keep your cell phone calendar in sync with your iCal appointments. Set cell phone alarms as reminders for your most important meetings.

Transfer recorded movies from your cellphone on to your desktop with this handy feature.

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- Click here to see phones supported by the DataPilot Universal Kit for PC

- New connectors & cables

Canadian phones are not Supported for Mac OS.

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mac software

DataPilot Software for MAC
CD version only.

Price: $44.95
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