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FAQ, (frequently asked questions)  

Q. Where is my software serial number located? 

A. The serial number is located on the white envelope sleeve or look for the red Data Pilot user manual/installation guide.

Q. My phone is not listed in the software? 

A. The 1st step is to update your software, click on the start button > All Programs > Data Pilot > Check for updates.  The 2nd step is to find your phone on our phone support page

Click on Phone Support

Q. In the phone set up wizard the (next) button is not available? 

A. You will need to change your phone´s USB settings from Memory card mode to Data connection, USB modem or PC Studio, please refer to knowledge base article 288 for instructions.

Q. You have to have an administrator account to run data pilot?

A.  1. Click the Start Button > Run > Regedit > open HKEY Classes Root > locate the the (DataPilot 6) ".kkv" folder for  (DataPilot 7) please look for ".kkw > For (Dapilot Corp) .dce, right click go to permissions > Make sure everything is allowed and full control for all users and administrators.  You can now open Data Pilot.

Q. After the software detects my phone I then try to download the Pictures from my Motorola phone I get Error #3 or Error # 11,  error 427 time out communication Error occurred.

A. In the Image editor click on the Communication tab > select settings > manual set up > open device manager > under "universal serial bus controllers"  you will see a Motorola USB composite driver, or a 

Motorola USB modem under "Modems" >

please right click on the Motorola driver > select update driver > install from a list of specific location > Next > Dont search I will choose the driver to install >

Select the "Susteen USB cable".  you will now be able to save your images from your phone to the computer.

 Q. My phone shows up as being supported on your website but it´s not supported in the software what is going on?

A.  You will need to make sure you update your Data Pilot software to the latest version, In the Susteen Launcher locate the Update button, or you can go to the help tab Update > check for updates.  If your phone is not listed after the updates please wait patiently for the next available update which will include new phone models. Updates are relased every 2 to 3 weeks.

Q. The Cable/adapter/software CD did not come with my kit, what do a I do now?

A.  Please contact Customer service at explaining your issue and provide a copy of your receipt.

Q. I am installing my software onto a new computer but it won´t let me register my product, what can I do to fix this?

A.  You do not need to register the software more than once simply close the registration internet page and continue with the Software installation.

Q.  No internet access or you are behind a firewall to activate Data Pilot7.

A.  Please search for article 312 to download a newer version of Data Pilot7.