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Laptop and Cell Phone
DataPilot Universal is an extension of the award winning DataPilot cell phone sync software. It includes nine different connectors to accommodate cable support for the most popular phones in the market such as Motorola, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sanyo and Sony Ericsson. Just plug the corresponding connector and start syncing your cell phone information in seconds. Shop DataPilot Universal
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Phone Book Manager
Phone Book
Data Connect
Data Connect
Ringtone Composer
SMS Manager
Image Editor
Image Editor
Calendar Support
Features other than Phone Book Manager are supported based on phone model and mobile phone provider.
Universal Cables Connect
Features and Benefits
    DataPilot delivers you $225 in cost savings
  • DataPilot includes 9 different connectors equal to a $270 market value ($30 a cable).
  • Our DataPilot software only is priced at $35, meaning that the Universal Kit, including DataPilot software and nine connectors, represents a value of $305.
  • Our DataPilot Universal is priced at $79.95, that is translated into more than $225 value added we pass to you
    How am I going to benefit from these cost savings?
    The investment in the DataPilot Universal not only breaks even but also delivers you cost savings of $15 against two individual data cables purchase. Here are the most likely scenarios when you are better off with a DataPilot Universal kit purchase rather than individual cell phone sync software kits:
  • You are a cost conscious consumer who will save money in data cable purchases when you upgrade to a new cell phone
  • You are right at the transition point to a new cell phone and you need to transfer your old cell phone information in the new handset
  • You use DataPilot in conjunction with at least two cell phones, for instance one for personal use and the other one for business use
  • You use DataPilot for all your family needs so that your close ones can also take advantage of the DataPilot's features
    DataPilot Universal delivers the same features and benefits as DataPilot cell phone sync software
  • Sync your contacts to one central location, your cell phone-
  • One click sync of your phonebook information with contact managers such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Palm
  • Add, edit and transfer your cell phone contacts from the convenience of your PC
  • Back up your contact information in case you loose or break your cell phone than sync it back to your new cell phone when you replace it
  • Sync only the group of contacts that you need from the various contact managers you use by synchronizing only the specific contact manager's folders or sync only individual contacts you choose from DataPilot contact manager to your cell phone
  • Check e-mails and surf the web from the convenience of your laptop by setting up your cell phone as a wireless modem
  • Make the best use of the pictures you take with your camera enabled cell phone
  • Transfer pictures in seconds between cell phone and PC
  • Edit, save changes and send the pictures either back to your cell phone or e-mail them to your friends, family or colleagues
  • Send the hottest ring tones you've just downloaded to your PC from a website right to your to your cell phone without incurring extra air charges
  • Keep your calendar in sync with Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Sync your Outlook and Outlook Express appointments with the cell phone
  • Edit and create appointments in the DataPilot calendar interface